Bleach: Breed of Destruction

by Unwanted4Murder
Bleach: Breed of Destruction
MMORPG based on Bleach. Updated often. Come play!
The game is still being hosted if you don't see it up try and update byond. If you already did that try and message me on skype, you can probably find me by just searching Michael the Riolu on skype. Or I guess you can message me on byond what ever you feel is easier.
Hey rob, i just wanted to know If after you get the laptop fixed and hopefully a stable host you would start working on updates and v3 once again (since we haven't had updates in about 2 years) and bring this game back together and make it popular and shit (since there's no doubt this game was awesome in its prime).
Heyyy, robbbb. been waiting. When's the birthday due? When do you think you can get workin on sum BoD?
So...Does anyone have a fix for me to be able to be a GM on my own server? Like, when I start it through Daemon. Cause I know single player starting it gives me GM, but not when hosting through Daemon so...Any fix for that or no GM when hosting whatsoever? XD
Naruto pvp action game based off the hit Naruto Izou game.
Join us at or Come join in. byond://
I'll be hosting for awhile, 24/7, with events, and will no doubt need some people to be admins if people start playing again.
Remember playing this game years ago, back when i had a 512MB RAM PC with 20GB HDD-space. To bad the people i used to play with aren't here anymore. I was hoping to see the people again.

Me being Ozz's Hitler-cannon towards NoTs was to good, and all the other nostalgic memories i have from this game is to good to perish.

Therefore, i will host the game for some time.

I would appreciate an update on how everyone is doing. I wouldn't miss the chance to know if everyone is doing good. For those who remembers, you will remember me as Youjimbo.

So... is it safe to assume this game is never coming back? Is it never again going to be updated? What a shame, but i respect your decision nonetheless.
Can someone host this server? Or just explain me how to do this...
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Google search "[your ISP (Comcast, Cox, etc)] port forward." From there, just download the hostfiles and host through Dream Daemon.
But can you return hosting this server? i miss so much the hours that i spent years ago... if you want you can make great another time this beautiful server!
Think about it...
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Unwanted4Murder wrote:

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Long time no see. :)
Yeah dude lol. Its been a while.
This game is still hosted and active, if anybody really needs to scratch that "shitty Bleach game" itch and doesn't know how to host their own server:
Can we get some gms and possibly some players back ? I miss playing this shitty bleach game lmao . Lets get it popping again .
We have 2 Gms in this server who they play every day.. but now its off and i don't know the reason...
Ichimi, if you see this message please contact me, i'm achille ;D
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