Treasure Quest

by Leftley
Explore the dungeon and find the Legendary Treasure Hoard before the other players can!
Treasure Quest is a multiplayer game with "light" RPG-style statistics, although you do not build up permanent characters; instead, you compete with other players in single-session games to amass treasure and recover the Legendary Treasure Hoard before they do. It's based off of an older project, Treasure Seeker, a multiplayer dungeon crawl I made several years ago. It was originally designed after Games Workshop classics such as Talisman and similar games, but in the end it proved difficult to maintain and veered too far from the original intent. At some point (estimated time: 2047) I would like to get around to creating my actual Treasure Seeker boardgame, but in the meantime I have created a cleaned-up replacement, christened here as Treasure Quest.
Very good game its my fav. But how do i go up and down stairs
Uniqueguy wrote:
Very good game its my fav. But how do i go up and down stairs

I believe you use the diagonal arrow keys on the numpad. I don't know if there are any other keys that will work, but there should also be some verbs that will do the same thing if you don't have those keys.
It's an intensely fun, immersive, and dangerous game.
As old as this game is, remains a classic. Expect to die a lot and learn from your deaths - although the dice can screw you over, most deaths will be your own fault. Kind of like in rogue-likes, actually.
A near perfect game with a few minor bugs. This kind of game will definitely stand the test of time.