Mano A Mano

by Flick
Mano A Mano
Knights, archers, and wizards in a free for all battle to the death.


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The object of this game is to defeat your opponent in one on one battle. Games are played in rounds. Before each round begins, each player selects five actions to be performed during the round, one per turn. The actions will be performed in the order they are selected, and each pieces actions occur simultaneously.

Players may choose to be either a knight, archer, barbarian, druid, pyromancer, or wizard, each of which has a few unique abilities.

You shouldn't be able to hurt yourself.

Movement arrows should be reoriented whenever a player turns.

The player icon should rotate as it changes direction.

Rather than tiny, unreadable dots showing the command queue on the map you should cast ghost images of what the action would actually look like.
Also the scoring should be a bit less
demeaning (IE: One loss doesn't drop the player's score so far down).
Gosh. I really miss this game.
Me too... I started working on an update a while ago, but never finished. Working on something else at the moment, but maybe next I'll get back to this.