Dragonball Z: Immortal Damnation

by Aceraptor
Dragonball Z: Immortal Damnation
Hey it's been over a week? have you given up so quickly or never had the time to get the host files?
Hey Aceraptor It's been a while, Just checking on, I love this game so much i wish you would respond back it's been over a month atleast.
When will this game be online it was online yesterday.
Please bring the game back =(
i hope game be back soon
You should bring this game back. I just got banned on DBZ:DA for playing this game lol them clowns.
xd they bunch hater
I'm not sure when this will be back I never got the host files.
2015 strong bringgg gammeee back
I wish I could. But I don't come on Byond much anymore and I don't have the source.
Avidanimefan wrote:
Sup! I'm Avid.
Tired of games with lag issues, crappy broken combat systems and the other problems many dragonball based games are plagued with on byond?
Check out my new project- Ki Warriors.
Original races, based closely on the dragonball z universe.
Innovative skills, a combat and clash system, unique items-such as the personal gravity machine and alot more.
The game is also updated daily and has a dedicated artist along with a growing moderation team- check it out!


Hey bro. Please don't post anything about your game on my hub. That's fairly disrespectful. Thanks.
My apologies!
*thumbs up* You're good.
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