Naruto: Supreme Shadows

by Lalapuff99
Naruto: Supreme Shadows
A fun naruto based RPG
Host files located above.

Source code download is below.
Don't know what version it is or anything, good luck to you.


For this to work we need someone who can 24/7 to keep it up, and please play on the server with the most players if its up. Don't host if theres already a large game up or i will have to lock out free hosting. If you can 24/7 and keep it up for a while i will make you the only host.

Redoing the entire game
Here are some numbers to how complete it is.
Village Monatary System - 100%
Village War system - 80%
Leveling system - 60%
Bijuu stealing system - 75%
Combat system - 0%
Icons - 10%
Uchiha Clan - 15%
Kisame Clan - 0%
Medic clan - 20%
Sage clan - 40%
Pein clan - 0%
Lee clan - 0%
Nara clan - 15%
Yamanaka clan - 15%
Puppet clan - 0%
Hyuuga clan - 20%
Summoning Jutsus - 0%
umm game kinda just went away....
Dumesday wrote:
umm game kinda just went away....

Fugly hub
lol the piture thing sorta looks like a dick
ahh i remember the gold days of me being in Akatsuki
Dhilton wrote:
lol the piture thing sorta looks like a dick

Pretty gay for even thinking that.
What happened to this game when the old hub went down people didn't go back to the old hub everyday
thys game is dead from when devin gaved him the source.. its gone.
Devil21 wrote:
thys game is dead from when devin gaved him the source.. its gone.

devin gave who the source?
If devin gave the source that bullshit he should have found me and gave it to me, I would have paid + the game should have been brought to me anyway!
This game ever going up again?
Allright Guys Ive Decided that im going to put the game back up and i will be working on it again sorry for getting board of it lmao.
Oh yea i didnt give anyone the source
I can help with coding if you want.
Work on NSS's source or pass it to someone who can, like me. -Razgriz, Co-Owner of NSS
Post To All FAns Here... Me & Razgriz Will be working on an updated version of this game... and it will be reached @ this Hub...
Currently its running as a prototype... its incomplete... but good enough to be a Demo... players will be saved... and We won't pwipe... auto pwipe is active after 50 days of inactivity...
for all the dedicated players who actually want to play NSS in its true form, play it NSS but updated, some new clans, new jutsu, lag fix, its a better version of what you have every played on NSS with just as much wait more fun! Give it a try, i bet you will remember the NSS memories.
Connecting to byond:// in as Yusuke11.
connected <--got bored o-o prolly wont be up for long doe im hosting temp..
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