Bleach Dark Souls

by Kakashi121
Bleach Dark Souls
An Bleach Game That Came Back! [More]

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Version We're Back!
Date added: Jun 15 2008
Last updated: Feb 2 2011
Last played: Jan 20 2010
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Hi and Welcome to Bleach Dark Souls! Made By Kakashi121, Tamm171 and Sasuke 211!!

Bleach Dark Souls would like to welcome back the return of Kakashi121 and Sasuke 211!!

Welcome To Bleach Dark Souls!

.::Bleach Dark Souls Administration::.



GM Level 4- Open,Open,Open

GM Level 3- Open

GM Level 2- Open

GM Level 1- Open,Open




GFX Artist(s)-Open


Website Maker:Kakashi121,Tamm171

Hub editor:Kakashi121,Tamm171

.::Rules and Regulations::.

* No Repeatedly asking for Higher Rank or GM.

* No Disrespecting GMs.

* Respect the admins, they are there to help you. If you have a problem, ask them, but don't spam it.

* Multikeying Allowed. (Two Keys online at once in same house)

* No Spamming. (Boot then IP Ban)

* Respect other players. Just because they're insulting you and others doesn't mean you should too. Just turn your chats off and play the game.

* Don't ask for a GM summon. (If so must have a good reason behind it.)

* 3. Do not spam/spawn kill (Killing people as they walk out of the spawn)

* Do Not Mass Recreate, you will Get booted then Banned.

* Do Not Mass Relog, you will Get booted then Banned.

* Do not ask to be put in an Organization by a Gm.

* 4. Do not death avoid. (IE log out or world-warp to avoid deaths)

* 5 Complaints on the Same Gm will result in the person getting fired.

* 6 No foul language. (Only to a certain extent if used to much will result in a ban.)

* 7 No Havin 2 Races Unless Allowed by a Main Owner

* 8 The Rules Can Be Changed Or Added At Any Time By A Main Owner

GM Rules:
* No Boosting yourself!!!
* Dont make anyone a gm without head owners permission!!!!!!!
* No Banning 4 no reason!
* No Boosting Other Players Unless they hav proof of ranking!!

Captain lvl reqs. are: 50k

Squad 1 Captain: Open
Squad 2 Captain: Open
Squad 3 Captain: Open
Squad 4 Captain: Open
Squad 5 Captain: Open
Squad 6 Captain: Open
Squad 7 Captain: Open
Squad 8 Captain: Open
Squad 9 Captain: Open
Squad 10 Captain: Open
Squad 11 Captain: Open
Squad 12 Captain: Open
Squad 13 Captain: Open

Lieutenants lvl reqs. are 40k.

Squad 1 Lieutenant : Open
Squad 2 Lieutenant : Open
Squad 3 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 4 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 5 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 6 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 7 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 8 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 9 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 10 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 11 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 12 Lieutenant: Open
Squad 13 Lieutenant: Open

Leader Reqs are lvl 50k.


Vaizard Leader: Open
Vaizard Co-Leader: Open
Vaizard #1: Open
Vaizard #2: Open
Vaizard #3: Open
Vaizard #4: Open
Vaizard #5: Open
Vaizard #6: Open
Vaizard #7: Open
Vaizard #8: Open
Vaizard #9: Open
Vaizard #10: Open


Espada Leader: Open
Espada Co-Leader: Open
Espada #0: Open
Espada #1: Open
Espada #2: Open
Espada #3: Open
Espada #4: Open
Espada #5: Open
Espada #6: Open
Espada #7: Open
Espada #8: Open
Espada #9: Open

Have Fun

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Urashime: (Aug 12 2011, 7:39 am)
Well i can host but at times the server may close for a bit and im also a good iconner
Kakashi121: (Dec 27 2009, 8:30 am)
Looking for Iconners, GFX's, and Hosts!!!