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I wish I worked for CCP, so every time I sleep with my girlfriend I can pretend its a customer.


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Jun 8 2017, 9:04 pm
i know what u did #securetheemails
Jun 4 2017, 10:06 am
I should also mention that when liens attempted to go back on the 500 dollars that FINESSE funded [knowing liens would never let him do it with his reputation] I stole his dna twice and hid one on the map.

Liens later teleported and 1shotted me, taking the collector and trashing it.. to which I later retrieved the hidden one and OWNED the game with lien's dna that I recycled through bio androids..

So in the end even after you guys pooled 500 bucks and wiped the playerbase.. I returned and grew strong again. The admins changed the rules after the fact stating that I couldn't kill people AT ALL and I made a nonedited character the strongest once again... only to be nerfed..
I still won in the end with liens dna.

You abusing bitches couldn't out manipulate me.. and now dbg is dying.

Lmfao I was liens that wipe and had unlimited pps and I've had the last laugh despite your abuse so... suck it bitch
Jun 4 2017, 9:44 am
What you left out is the fact that venom was MY character.. I bought the slot and it was on my key and created by me. Brandon aka lasher deathrose was taught kaioken and venom gave us all a 'fuck you' in Skype.

It wasn't long after that maegor notified us in the say chat that venom was seen betraying us both to admin 1 and 2 [aka Jason Kendrick and lamb]. Unfortunately admin 1 was online and by using rpspy he didn't have to be nearby to see we were notified.

Suddenly venom was claiming that admin 1 stated people were logging his character.. a key I know for a fact was a new account no one else had access to due to creating it..

His solution to duplicate the character onto venom's key and disable the one on mine was obviously a way for admin 1 to achieve my dna.. [which he and admin 2 constantly icly and oocly tried to bribe me into giving him]

It wasn't even a new form of abuse against me since earlier that week he'd done the same thing for another member of my family playing another one of the character's belonging to my key [finesse deathrose] and yes he did this despite my nonconsent.

I told a1 and venom I didn't consent and venom stalled multiple times with "Dude hang on im talking to an admin"
When telling them not to move my character venom responds "Lol I just did"

That's when A1 cyborged admin 2 [cella] so high that he had to reborg her 3 times to measure out enough to be stronger than scream. It was then admin 2 [aka cella] stated a ban on the planet so I couldn't come and stop venom from having over 5 kids that logged when they saw me {and still eventually died when scream showed up and delimbed him.

Later they would give venom ssj to try to kill me and he was still one shotted. Mind you that scream was up front with you but you chose to lie about it hoping you would be able to stall long enough for your db wish

Do you mean to tell me that you think it's a coincidence that when you got involved with admin 1 and admin2 you were given verbs "INSTANTLY" as you so put it? Of course not. You were given the verbs because it was beneficial to Jason and he moved two of my characters off my keys in the process before suggesting you use dragonballs to banish our family or reduce my power.. which you never managed to do.

Any deathrose that tried to kill me achieved ssj through Jason, including yhidra, venom, and finesse.

At that point we knew what it was and kicked your ass like it wasn't shit for considering Jason's ooc orchestration. Eventually 500 dollars in donations were paid in total to wipe the game and the deathroses were never icly defeated but all playerbase was in fact wiped.

Your rp wasn't shit and you didn't win a damn thing, venom got chased and delimbed and 1 shotted in his SF and his kids killed all except for one who was kidnapped lmfao.

Overall we were good to you. Gave venom to your cause so that the fag trying to use your dbs wouldn't beat you up and venom got butthurt about kaioken. You guys betrayed us and you were LYING about it constantly but that never worked.

You got whooped despite the admin's help and scream survived until the end.

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