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Jeff8500's Games
A GIAD 09 entry
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Battle for the Sandwich
You are but a tiny sentient mold creature. Do you have what it takes to protect your home?
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Casual Game
Only a small game at the moment
About Casual Game
Icon blender
This is a small program that will mix colors in an icon. It will also supersize an icon. Pretty fun to play with when your bored, you just have to be careful that you don't overwrite your old files.
About Icon blender
Ninja Attack
Defend your ninja base!
About Ninja Attack
Pokemon Amethyst 2 Early Alpha Testing
Temporary hub entry. This will be for testing PA2's new features. An open test server may be hosted June 11.
A small, simple single player game I made because I was bored. It is very similar to old space arcade games like Galaga.
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Real Time Defense
An RTS in the works!
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Village Wars
A new action game that heavily uses BYOND 430's coolest new abilities!
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World War One and One Half
Charge through No Man's Land and overtake the enemy's trenches!
About World War One and One Half
Xtreme Submarine Racing
Kinda self explanatory...Beat your opponents! (Finished for now)
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pig game
a random pig game where you can pretty much kill stuff and use bombs. im working on fishing and already made fires for cooking them.
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Jeff8500's Demos
Cool Chat
Add inputs that pop up and focus themselves upon hitting a key!
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Custom HTML popups
A quick simple example of how to create an HTML popu
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Jeff8500's Libraries
Collapsing Buildings Library
Knock buildings down beautifully!
About Collapsing Buildings Library
No Letter Boxing
As of now, it doesn't work correctly.
About No Letter Boxing
Skin Alerts
Like the alert() proc, but better looking.
About Skin Alerts
A powerful custom prompt system.
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