Greetings, dear reader. My, how long has it been? Too long, I'd say. I'd love to regale you with stories of how catastrophic events have emerged and I was completely unable to access my PC to write Within BYOND again, but that's not entirely true. I've been busy buying a house (which has been a headache because the closing date got pushed back ugh), and spreading glorious democracy in Helldivers 2. That said... I've not been so busy as to miss what you lovely developers have been up to! Without further delay, let's dive in!

BYOND Development

BYOND's friendly neighborhood developer Lummox JR has been marching 515 to the stable-channel finish line, and that march was pioneered by the arrival of the new PC, paid for entirely by the generosity of the community. As promised, WebView2 work took center stage for a good while, which is something we can look forward to in the near term in 516's beta. Lummox JR did take a short dive into SIDE_MAP's issues, and while a majority of its reported issues were fixed, some of which you can dive into detail with on Patreon, there are still some future improvements to it planned for 516. More recently, Lummox JR has been in "buttoning up" mode, focusing on a variety of bugfixes and an irritating installer issue.

So, with that said, if you haven't tried out 515's beta, do so now, and report any bugs you find! In particular, Chance has been reporting some issues with the map editor changes, so you may want to poke at that and let Lummox JR know if your workflow has been disrupted. 515 is going to move to stable quite soon, so please prepare your codebases for the changes!

BYOND Games I've amassed an Orc army to rival all nations in Warp Warlords, and I welcome all challengers. In the permadeath RTS game Warp Warlords, you're tasked with choosing a race to commandeer as you conquer, build, and defend against the other competing races. As you loot and scoot, you can equip various weaponry and wield powerful magic that you can use to aid you in your fight against other powerful enemies. Feli Rose made an update back in October that adds Legendary Crafting to create even more powerful weaponry. If you want to build, destroy, and conquer, this is the game for you. Grab some friends, hop into a server, and try to outlast each other before hunger does your entire population in. Chance has brought magical beasts as a playable race to Meranthe in a massive 2.0 update! As a magic beast, your "magic core" can progress and upgrade. On death, your core can be harvested and used in the creation of a soulblade, a weapon that grows with its wielder. Meranthe also now features Rush Dungeons, a wave-style assault on a party that can reward token items, which can be spent in the all-new Rush Store. Players can also experience dustings of snow or summer rains as seasonal effects have been introduced, changing the landscape and ambience accordingly. Chance has ushered in a bunch more content than what I described, so if you're interested in reading the full list, give the patch notes a look! Crazah's gearing up for the official release of trace/ALTER! Crazah and his team have implemented a lot of content these last few months, including a functional police investigation system, complete with fingerprinting and blood sampling. Also added was a very intricate sanity system, causing murderous players to experience bouts of insanity, psychosis, apparitions, nightmares, and more. A large amount of skill trees were added for various types of skills, classes, and weaponry, allowing you to customize your combat approach. Crazah continues to implement the AI learning-language model GPT (and plans to upgrade to GPT-4 Turbo) for his NPCs, music, art, and other in-game interactions. AI even powers some enemies, as there are now ALTERs who can mimic your friends' actions and speech to deceive you! Stay on the lookout for a mid-2024 release of trace/ALTER, and prepare to fight against powerful bosses such as the Ronin, whose cinematic is to your left! Devourer of Souls has continued to deliver updates to Sigrogana Legend 2, adding 92 new style seeds and 5 new item sets. He's also added a bunch of new Event Tools for event staff, as well as a new promoted class, the Ruler, which focuses on using whips and summoning automoton golems in battle! I took the opportunity to pull Dev aside for a few minutes and asked what his next big focus was, and he mentioned that he's aiming to dish out more of the 4th line of promoted classes, and while he was a bit cagey on the details, he's also been working on a second mini-expansion. No release date or details yet, I'm afraid, because Devourer of Souls refuses to announce what isn't done. Sound advice from a veteran developer that all of us could learn from!

BYOND Resources

  • Ter13's been showing us why we should be using SIDE_MAP and educating us on embedded wingets, the latter of which has a fresh new feature you should be using: Storing and passing objects on the client and passing them to verbs using the "as raw" embedded winget! Just be sure to validate your clients' inputs.
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