Gimmie my admin powers please ? D'=
Crystal Lake wrote:
Richy221 wrote:
Ok first of all Kiohstuff i dont consider this like i create the dam game >_> i only update it better than most second of all hell map has been tooken out permanently it was a bad map to begin with and we just updated the files

Crystal lake wrote:
i like you when your angry XD lol

Lmao thnx crystal

rawrr :D
noname where the hell have you been >.<

oh and also I uploaded Infection Studios New logo I made on my photobucket here is the link Rchy221/?action=view¤t=InfectionStudiosLogo.jpg

i was busy with ps3 lol
Richy221 i like your resident evil beta game is fun but heres the prob there is no one makeing a server i wonder why
hey i was wondering if u could host a server on REOB(Resident Evil Online BETA)Because sometimes its better than REO2 so please,please host and if at all possible can i have admin powers?oh yeah tell Corey"Hey!"
ya ill see if i can get the host files working again soon right now gota do a few things first
Beta is back up for now for those who want to play host files are on the REOB site
Richy i was wondering if it was at all possible for us to create our own characters much like your own (I kindda dig the wings thing)
Lol you and everyone else love those wings. I am actually going to re icon my character, actually I'm going to make a new one based on me and then I will let you guys probably edit my old one if you want I'm not sure yet lol
can you add character creation so
i could make my character look like brad or make it so you can buy costumes or something like that buying costumes for your character in a new tab like The
Special Tab For Special weapons and special costumes?
we need a host for this if i were able to be host i would host 24/7
Hello Richy, Gun (gundammaster5) i'm finished that gravemarker for the contest here is the link: c03aaf33c1c800e5a4f58af7b191d887a3369e3f58964b9591d9f65d098e 599bad2ea3b3b2a0a5d6

you'll have to click "click here" P.S the plaque really says that.
can i please be unmuted on reob?
Gun here!(gundammaster5) aiming for second!( i'm greedy like that srry) here's the link: 1238109273-8f2f89efd2c63105a4fb17a0657863d0//

If you only knew who's grave that actually was.... (such a cool guy)
It says File front is down for maintenience and i have a question are we allowed to have two grave marks or just one
MarthYuzamaky wrote:
It says File front is down for maintenience and i have a question are we allowed to have two grave marks or just one

if you can't use the main page upload them from my link duh

make a picture showing anything but it has to at least show my grave marker/tombstone

Names you can use: Richy221, Richy, Richard, or Rchy

Deadline: April 1st

Prizes: 1st- Custom icon and 10k
2nd- 50k in game
3rd-25k in game
4th-10k in game
5th-5k in game
6th-10th place will receive 1000 cash in game

Nothing for people 11th place +

You can make as many as you want but only one will be cashed in if you place
RICHY filefront is being a loser it wont let me upload the gravemarker image D: T~T
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