lol yes but you kept dying >.< on me
then dont go away lol

its kinda hard to escape with a guy with a rocket launcher and 7 lickers following me lol
richy your hot :P
at noname: well you gota like LOOK BEHIND you xD instead of staying at the same spot all the time lol

at wolf: lol thnx
Hi i talked to Corey and he said they he would talk to you about be comeing the mapper/coder if needed ^_^
mapper/coder as in you want to be or you need one? and for what game?
i see versus mode in my re5 soon...

or not lol

last map we played was in the licker one, you left me in a corner like a whore, and i was jill lol

they let you pass because they wanted to rape me... i mean her lol
lol you need to develop ur reflexes xD
Thankyou one thankyou all also!I think.

. . .
Heeeeellllooo =D
richy aww can u send me the host file ? =D
...Er....Your playlist Still Fails :P....And ill also be taking this o_o *steals his cookie n runs* x3

\-My Music(Pwnz Richy:D)-/
reob is down right now cuz i dont have my updated file with me so ill try to make another soon or get the old one back
p.s. ur music fails tediz xD
can i have the host files? hosting reo2 gets boring after awhile
Host files for REOB are on the HUB now for version 3
Tell your host that. They're hosting V2.
_>,you stink
richy i suggest you ban the key Akabara_Red_Rose_Strauss from your game, he is an abuser right from the moment he got enforcer
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