Resident Evil Online BETA

by Richy221
Resident Evil Online BETA
Team up with others and take on partners for teamwork in this fast paced zombie killing spree gauranteed to satisfy that itch for zombie killing
As Richard said,new host files are up and we are now live.

How long?

So,please come on in.
See ya inside.
Hey everyone,Ash here.

Just letting you guys know we are still working on the game so,updates and such will come all in due time.

Misc. Information;

While we have been live these past few days,we are STILL looking for a host.

So,please,know anyone?
Would you be able to host?
Let us know.

Side Note;

People may ask why the lack of number of players,and in all honestly,I believe its mainly because of the fact that,the game is usually offline,therefore,we can't create a steady fan base and those that are,it usually leaves them in questioning

"When should I come online?"

If you're having in-game problems please contact me here,or the pager.

I am currently hosting 24/7.
In response to Washu_Kuya
Ummm....I can't join the game when you host.
I can't join too but i'm gonna host too (not 24/7) :]

We are currently live this weekend. (Hopefully)

So,please be sure to drop by and join us.

As always,looking for a host~!
ill host page me when you rdy
I am hosting now
is there anybody playing
I am hosting (:
I am hosting everybody!!!
Hello everyone it has been awhile since I last signed online.

Would like to thank everyone who has been hosting the game.

I'll be sure to drop by sometime soon and check out the server.

I do plan on rewarding a PERM host.
We are still working on the game,it's just our staff is pretty low.

Hope to see you soon~.


First I wanted to give a big thanks to Dantethedevilseeker01 for keeping us mostly online this week. While he is not a permanent host we all appreciate getting the opportunity to play the game once again with all of our friends.

I do apologize for any burden this has caused you, Dantethedevilseeker01.

Frequently asked Questions;

Q. Whose in charge since Richard is no longer seeming to get online?

A. He does often make appearances,the people you know are still in charge. No one different has taken over. Myself,Richard and Cario are still available,you'll just see me more often than the two mentioned.

Q. Since the game has been hosted are you looking for any Admins?

A. While we have been available I'm not entirely sure who we want to become an Admin,in-fact we'll need more time to decide such things.
A lot more time.

We are of course looking for Enforcers.

Q. How can I become an Enforcer?

A. Honestly and obviously we're looking for regulars who play the game and respects it's rules.

For the time being,Enforcers are being given away freely,due to the fact that we haven't totally reached a stable server yet however,once we are settled such Ranks will no longer just be "given" away. They must be earned.

Side Note; How good you are in-game has nothing to do with becoming a member of our staff.

If you have any questions about the game or anything similar,or you know of a bug,please contact me either by paging,messaging or commenting.

Thank you,


i say that Ashleys dog is the masta of eating up dose zombies <----- the dude talking is the best dog ever
Logging in...connected
Logged in as Toopher2.
Sun Aug 05 08:52:05 2012
World opened on network port 6180.
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 496.1145)
BYOND hub reports port 6180 can be reached by players.

but i cant even join

-The Dog of Ash
For the love of, someone host this. :I
Hello there,Ashley here.

There has been some confusion as to why they can't join the only seemingly available server.

Well,I can't exactly give you an answer on the host xKiller101x server however,please take note that you can join the server hosted by Brettwhitley

I'm unsure of the duration of his server however, I just suggest if you wish to play you may do so by entering.

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