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My name is Dayvon, I code, icon, and I love to map!


Oct 17 2023, 3:11 pm
Dayvon if you are brave enough to send a message and block me afterwards, no response possible, lots of talk about acting like a child but well he blocked me a second after sending the message again without being able to give my point of view He should set a better example and act like a man and give me a chance to AT LEAST explain myself, right? but why would I do that? Noooo, that would be the right thing to do. Instead, it's better to just ignore all common sense and just point out the idea of "Paradox did something bad and someone said he did it right again. It's probably true, let's not get any evidence or even ask them."

But well, I'm going to show you how I have changed by telling you the wrong points in your message.

-You say that you told the staff about giving me another chance, how strange the last time I was able to talk to one, Keapora or whatever his name is now, he said and I quote verbatim, "You are permanently banned, there has been a vote and the decision has been UNANIMOUS" and also how You have that nice rule that I have actually consulted with other admins of other games and your rules seem absurd, if not stupid, no game should have a rule of THE WORD OF AN ADMIN IS THE LAW, what nonsense is that? look for evidence, evaluate the situation more than imposing your ego for being an admin

-You say I don't respect you but you know you don't seem to respect me or the work I've done for the game because I see all those names of people who have contributed icons to the game and what a surprise mine isn't there, you even have names of people who are who is permanently banned like everyone else and you still have the nerve to talk about respect. That, sir, is something that is earned and not by force as you claim.

-I'm trying to contact others so I can TALK TO YOU, it's the only thing I've been trying to do for months but once again we return to your wonderful Staff which only complies with the rules that seem to interest them, such as not contacting people who are banned

And last but not least, the fact that you tell me that I don't want to change when all I am doing is giving you proof that I have changed shows me that the only ones who don't change are you.
Oct 17 2023, 6:43 am
Virtual companions, Naruto The Final Battle players, listen to me! We are gathered here not only as avatars in this vast digital world, but as voices crying out for justice, equity and radical change in our beloved game.

Today we raise our keys and mice in a unison cry against oppression, against the Admins who have forgotten their duty as impartial guardians and have fallen into the jaws of tyranny. How is it possible that those who must ensure justice in virtual Konoha are the first to ignore their own rules? It is an outrage, it is an affront to our community.

The rules, those norms that should be the sacred code that we all respect, have lost their meaning. They are incoherent, stupid, and change faster than a transformation jutsu. How can we play with rules that not even the Admins understand or respect? We are not puppets in their hands, we are players with rights and we demand clarity.

But we won't stop here, because the owner of this world, the one who should be the leader guiding us through these digital lands, seems more interested in lining his pockets than in listening to the players who make this universe great. We are not mere virtual ninjas, we are the force that keeps this digital dimension alive!

Today we say enough is enough. Enough of tyrannical admins, enough of absurd rules, enough of an owner who forgets that behind each avatar there is a human being with emotions and rights. We demand a change, a peaceful but firm revolution that returns Naruto The Final Battle to its essence, its justice and its community spirit.

We are not just bits in this vast digital ocean, we are a community united by the passion for Naruto and the desire to live great adventures together. Let our cry of protest resound in every corner of this virtual universe! Let the Admins listen and let the owner wake up from his greed!

Today, my friends, we are writing a new chapter in the story of Naruto The Final Battle. A chapter where the community takes the reins and demands the respect and justice it deserves. Let's unite, fight and make our beloved game a better place for everyone! May the flame of virtual revolution burn brightly!
Aug 30 2023, 10:42 am
I have deleted my discord since I see that you are not going to unban me for an accusation without evidence and I would like you to know that I am very disappointed Paradox had told me that on the server those who have power were abusers but I did not imagine that it would be these limits and I'm not saying this just to start the first day without warning or anything you mute me 24 hours later when I manage to get in to play you ban me without any proof that it's Paradox the truth is that your face should fall in shame and to the whole team of the game if you care so much about the rules that you don't let Paradox come back at least make an effort to comply with them

Greetings Jager
Aug 21 2023, 7:42 am
Can I come back please?
Jul 22 2023, 10:08 am
Hey sorry i havnt been on ik its been awh4le but had family issues but im ok i just have to work to earn my stuff back ill try seeing if i can get back on on my bday i hope ur ok

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