Bleach Unlimited

by Enigma11
When will it be back up?
hi guys any of u know how to fix my problem ?when i click new nothing happens .
Everytime I try to play I can only see chat screen and stats everything else is black.
to the BYOND staff if any1 sees this: mind teaching this kid a lesson? he is pissed off of me banning him because he was posting porn in the game
ok... so I can't connect to the game, whats going on -_-?
dont feel bad leo none of us can get on. from yashin/rufio
damn it to hell D< i was gonna gain menos tonight... guess ill just go to sleep if it doesnt come on soon
mothertrucker blur. i hate you. host the game naoo!
yeah i was gonna get rufio better so he will be able to kill a menos unlike yashin
it says its up but wont let me connect... wtf?
its teasing me D<
it says its unavailavle
while its down imma play wii ultimate aliance 2
back up :3 and im first on muahahahahaha
good for you :D
I'm very sorry, We don't ask people to spam and if you report it to us we will ban them, we're totally against spamming other games.
game might show that its down while its actually up.... weird I know.

heres the adres you need to use byond://

(login you key, file , open location , , enter)

should put you right in
Enigma , when you turn online bleach unlimited 2 with chibi base????
Heitorliberado wrote:
Enigma , when you turn online bleach unlimited 2 with chibi base????

The chibibase was never my idea it was retarded in my opinion a 64x64 base would have worked bette, but as for BU2 that game is never gonna happen at least not with that staff we're currently working on a revamp of this game with all new stuff though
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