by ACWraith
Explore, combat and collect before time runs out.
Earlier today, I uploaded a version of MeanderGall in time for GSD 2011. It's sort of a combative scavenger hunt. Fooldom Come benefits are included.

You are a wandering thrall with your own goals and your own path through a random world. Given enough time, everyone will be defeated by The Pall. Collect your goals to become The Squall. The continued work of The Squall will defeat The Pall.

Each room has an incarnation of The Pall (which can be a handy distraction when nobody else is on a server). It's not intelligent, but the stress of leaving it alone will cause your health to suffer.

...I kept getting my butt kicked trying to take a decent screenshot. I was too slow, but here's some of what I got:

I almost screwed myself over with a last minute change. Testing revealed that some of the larger maps made the game last too long for my patience. I lowered the maximum dimensions. I then decided that generating so many rooms was a waste of startup time and a pain for slower computers so I cut that down as well. Most of this was easy. However, less rooms meant less permutations of color so I redesigned everything to go with six variants instead of ten.

The game has music ever so slightly remixed from my older projects with questionable results. Others may lack my sense of whimsy, but I love the victory music (based on a Wrangle And Warp track). The thrall theme is based on the larva from Webcrawl, but the harsher instruments seem to make the repetitive parts stand out. The Squall theme is based on the butterfly from Webcrawl. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I'll have to get around to some multiplayer testing soon.
Very cool.
I really hate when people decide to take out the title bar for no good reason. In this case it means the game's going to be stuck outside my screen and I'm never going to bother playing it.
@SuperAntx: I didn't remove the title bar. I replaced it as I always do. The problem is that I forgot to disable the controls placed inside it (which allows them to be clicked through). You can click the black window itself for now, maximize or else wait for the next update. Thank you for the report. =)

@Masterdarwin88: Thank you. =)
@SuperAntx: Short wait. Fixed. =)
hosting meandergall
Pretty fun. You make the craziest games, AC.

I keep encountering a bug in which my character is stuck moving in a single direction. In this situation I can't move, but I can change direction. He'll hit a wall and keep walking. Obviously seems like you're using a while() loop for movement and it didn't break for some reason. Sometimes I seem to be able to fix it by trying the other methods of moving (Arrows, WASD, etc) and button mashing a little.
@Fugsnarf: It's just a call to walk(). The directional bits are set when buttons are pressed and removed when those buttons are released. I've noticed some quirks when opposing directions are pushed. Can you give me any more information?

@SuperAntx: I see that your total CPU usage is high, but what are you viewing for the Dream Seeker/Daemon processes? I can't get them over 9% during play. (Naturally, the initial map generation during startup is more.)