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by Falacy
Because BYOND.
What do you want to see in Box Zombies?
Self Train Verb.

AFK Training.

Level 50 GM.

Mystery Boxes.

Super Box Man.
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King_LiOnZ wrote:
Self Train Verb.
AFK Training.
Are these different things? There will probably be some sort of AFK mode added at some point. If not intentionally, the new Skills in the next update will more or less allow for it - just summon a few NPCs to auto kill anything that gets near you and have your pet auto collect the rewards.

Level 50 GM.
Admins ruin everything

Mystery Boxes.
Not sure exactly what you mean by this, but they will probably exist?

Super Box Man.
Falacy wrote:
What are the top 5 (anything) you want to see added into Box Zombies?

I have three.

Perks & Milestones.
Weapon customization.
Weight System, the more items - the slower you move perhaps?
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Kozuma3 wrote:
Perks & Milestones.
Not sure exactly what you mean with either of these?

Weapon customization.
Weapon customization will come at some point. Weapon mods, like silencers and scopes, will work like gem socketing does in other games; allowing you to increase the stats on gear while changing the appearance of the items. You'll also be able to recolor items and change items to look like other items of the same type.

Weight System, the more items - the slower you move perhaps?
Personally, I don't like limited inventory systems. Currently, there is a 1,000 item limit, but that is mainly due to a BYOND bug with not being able to save lists of objects longer than 1,300.

I also don't like the concept that most dungeon crawlers use where gray/white/low quality items are completely worthless, and should never be picked up. This game will have systems to reforge lower quality items into the same or better quality items in order to give purpose to the lower quality items and free up inventory space.
Falcon lazorz wrote:
A falcon statue.

Madness! Needs concept art. And what will it do? Or just for decoration?
Falcon lazorz wrote:
Get Teka to do concept art, it also has to shoot lasers and fart constantly.

Could make it a dungeon boss
In response to Falacy
Falacy wrote:
Falcon lazorz wrote:
Get Teka to do concept art, it also has to shoot lasers and fart constantly.

Could make it a dungeon boss

WHAT??? Omg if Falcon gets that....
Okay if Falcon gets to be a boss. I want a exclusive Strai Games hammer of Dawn weapon that kills every enemy on the floor.
I want more things to shoot. Like bigger guns. And explosives. And cats. Explosive Cat Guns.
Character Creation!
1 Finnish up the skills
2 Polish the building mechanic
3 ASSPLOSIVE Weapons and enemies
4 Enemies wearing loot
5 Red Robots
A sign that maybe mentions me in some way/shape/form?


Custom Clan Graffiti (to spray on walls or whatever)
1. Hosting ( When Beta Finished )

2. Finish the Party/Skill System ( wanna see that happen )

3. Like The Dungeon System.. make it so you can party with 2 Max ( it be cool.. 2 max it be cool :D )

4. Someway to grab orbs and gold Quicker.. Disapears before i can grab it ( Read it be pets.. what your ideas on that cat? Dog? )

5. More Damage as wepions level up... DOnt see much of a increese the fire/ice zombies have alot of HP and i wanna see it get easier as i play

6. More Perks ( as you do in the dungeon, adds in wepions but perm )

7. Heard your making it a survival game, make it so there are dungeons you can explore.. it can contain Elite items or a magic item as a commen ( That if your gonna change it )

8. Add a story ( something to get the edge on )

9. Food, Water, Rest Needed drain less faster.. ( What fun if your char is not healthy? )

10. Subscribe Bonuses
-Gold at start
-Elite, Magic, Item Find Boost
-More HP
-More Damage
Not much damage maybe like a small %, hp maybe 500/1000 more be cool... i wanna see a bonus we subscribes can get :D

Ill think of more :D Can wait to play again... Cant get on the server atm so ill play another game
1. Ally Inventory - Where you can give your ally some items to put on. Bonus would add to your own.

2. A Player shop - A option that let's you click on a player and see what he or she is selling.
since ranch is allready we should get farms to grow moar food. and mayby a mill and oven to make bread

also i dont like idea of subscribe bonuses cause it almost allways makes these with money better than those who play
without it
I have some:

New Gun's, New Sword's, etc.

New Zombie: Jackon, Rainbow Light, Raises Zombie's.

New Building: Blacksmith's Place, create Weapon's.

New Item Drop's: Iron, Diamond, Gold, Wood, Stone, Used to create Weapon's at the Blacksmith's Place.

Those are the item's i want for the game.
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good ideas
I've been playing this game only one day and I already liked it, I have some ideas that could possibly attract more players to come and join the game;

- Boss [Adding boss would be pretty cool, like a body build zombie that was twice the size of a normal zombie. Or possibly add a zombie that was in fire and is resist to ice. Or possibly a vampire like zombie that doesn't be killed unless you use a wooden melee weapon.]

- Tank [I think tank should be a subscription feature, something that players could use to fire missile or ran over players, and also have 1,500 HP.]

- Molotov [Something that players can throw and hit multiple zombies at one time.]

- Crossbow [A wood-made weapon that shoots projectile.]

- Fire Arrow [A special move that crossbow can use.]

- Rocket Launcher [A one time move that can kill numerous zombie if they're close to each other. Should take a long time to reload.]

- Atomic Weapon [One time weapon that should be very rare to pick.]

- Helicopter [Subscription feature that allow players to shoot zombies and have about 1,500 HP.]

- Lock-On Laser [Something that allow players to hit and have better accuracy.]

That's what I have for now. Hope one of these feature will become a virtual reality on Box Zombies.
In response to Vexxen
these look like good idea. but the subsription only items would make people even more unequal.
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