Bleach unleashed Bankai

by Mrtony
Bleach unleashed Bankai
Bleach Unleashed Bankai just have fun^^.
I'd like to report that I'm going on a trip with my family over the weekend and will most likely wont have internet access. At any rate, I will be back on monday,

Yours truly, enforcer, Aizawa, Sai / Amsel, Sikke.

Thank you.
I'd like to say that i cannot go into the game, and it's been a long time since it's last been on, why won't it let me in?
Damn Cant log In dam it
are you going to bring the game back it was quite fun :)
REZ put this game back on or ill send aids to your computer >.>
It's okay, everyone! Let me give you something...well, BETTER! Haha. Hahaha...:) LadyKahoko.TheShikaiWars?tab=index
dat game is not good dum unleashed bankai is better
that game is trash so stop tryin that bs shitty GMs with power greed unhelpful atleast in this community we talk joke with eachother may not be the most up to date but still a good person finder so fuck outta here
if u guys need a host ill be glad to host it cause it seems its been down for a while now o.o
Hmm just got back from my internet boycott wanted to check ish out on this game but seems like things are bad. :(
Dude Can u please put bleach unleashed back up i miss this to me its the best bleach game ive ever played in byond
yes this gmae is back up :l
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put this up again please!!!!

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