by Forum_account
A library for handling keyboard input.
I'm not sure if it's a BYOND bug or a missing feature of the library, but when I'm moving around and hold shift or ctrl, sometimes I just stop moving.
I don't think the library handles any keys in a special way, so that might be a BYOND bug or just some keyboard quirk. Does this happen in any of the sidescroller or pixel movement library demos? That'd be an easy way for me to test it.
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I'm having trouble finding a Pixel Movement demo in which this doesn't happen. Watching the debug statpanel, I see the directions I'm holding. When I press Shift, Ctrl, or Alt, one of the directions disappears.

However, the Pixel Movement Demo (the fancy one) doesn't have this problem.
That could be a BYOND bug then. The pixel movement lib macros all keys, the fancy demo doesn't. Maybe BYOND is pre-empting other keys with ctrl and alt because they're used as modifiers.