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Jul 13 2014, 9:41 pm
Hey everyone :)

Just a heads up that I updated the HTML create/edit system.
I reclassified it as a demo (but the lib. hub still exists)

Please let me know if you run in to any bugs. The /list stuff may still have issues :S

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GhostAnime's Games
Dead Man Walking
A game similar to Hang-Man... but with more ways to die!
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Pokemon TCG (The Card Game)
The name states it all.
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GhostAnime's Demos
Check Rank
Checks the position of your game in the person's favorite list
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Administrative Create/Edit - HTML Style
You can SEARCH for what you want! :)
Imagery Trickery
An image 'demo'. Please read upon the bwiki article at
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Secret Image
A 'sequal' to my Imagery Secrecy demo. Shows how to make an object for a certain level setting and how to make the person ignore it if they can't see it.
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Slot Equipment
A simple slot-equipment system
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XML Quest
A simple quest system through XML
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Inventory 4.0
How to use the grid element for a basic inventory
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