Can You Plzzz Unbanned Me PLZZZZZ
Plzzzzz Unbanned
Plzzz Unbanned PLzzzz
plzzz Unbanned Plzzz
Why you ban me!?!!!? i never done nothing
het Dbzguy245 Fuck This gAmes This Fucking Host is Fucking Dummm Like really He just banned Peolpe For No Reason Like What the Fuck Bitch,,, You Fuck And Fuck your game Really Suck My Dick Really bitch,, Like Really It a Fucking Game And You Banned Peolpe FOr No Reason Like Really,,,, SUCK MY DICK BITCH!!!
You need to know how to role-play and type in English to play this game.

You can play the PvP version once it's ready.
Well im Sry Can I get 1 Last Try And Did You Just Banned me Forever Happy
Unban me plz all I was doing was asking for you to answer me. But you kept ignoring me.
can you jsut please unban me i like this game and is it nesecary to ban people if they say something bad than just mute them for a certain amount fo time JEEZ DONT BE A HAIDER !!!!!!!
theres no reason to be banning people....ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DO ABSOLOUTLY NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeoo "Writting A New One" come'on bro... this Game is Reallyy Hott, n my 1st RP.. I was deff. enjoying myselff even if im not a Master RP'r yett.. Can i plzz b given another Chancee.
Plzz Un-Ban mee xD

Writing A New One please unban me!!!! What does it take to make this guy unban you!?!?!?
Hey come on talk to me why wont you unban me?
hello Plzz Unbanned Me Plzz Thx You :D P.s Im A Grils So Plzz Unbanned me :*
Heeey Unbanned me pleasee
i wanna play this awelsome game *-*
hi help me plzzz i have get banned about 5 days and i only play the about 15min and i love it and my friend like it too much and i didnt do anything in the game unlegal i just play and i never talk to anyone . plzzzz i love the game plzzz
Uh wano this is blue when you banned mc pepsi you also banned me as well you see we share the same ip so if you could please fix this problem i would owe you forever thank you
Like dude wtf i did what you asked read the rules and made the damn character description so why cant you unban me already= Bishop
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