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Jul 14 2012, 4:43 pm
Is the game going to be coming back up?
Jun 22 2012, 10:39 pm
I am an iconner and mapper if ya still need
Apr 14 2012, 3:17 pm
put ultimate legends back up dude
Apr 8 2012, 3:00 am
Dude what happened to legends reborn you know the one made by ruben.
Apr 3 2012, 6:26 am
naruhino u delected my slot on ultimate Legends i was playin for almost 3months

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Naruhino's Favorite Games

by Falacy | Oct 9 2008
Tags: anime
MMORPG Styled Game, Loosely Based on Bleach.
Welcome To Dragon ball GT : Rise and Fall, This Game is all about having fun so not everything will be 100% dbz by the ...
by Eldin | Sep 22 2014
A game which is a tribute to original db series
Class DBZ Game with a few specialties. Realistic Leveling, evenly balanced Races.
by S10Games | Mar 11 2015
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by LSSJ Chris | Sep 1 2009
Nothing to see here, Move Along!
Come Play One of the Best DragonBall Games on BYOND. Updated Frequently. Awesome Players, Great Staff, and Well Balanced ...
Come Play One of the Best DragonBall Games on BYOND. Updated Frequently. Awesome Players, Great Active Owner, and Well ...
by Nourn | Aug 26 2008
The Legacy will always continue of the Secret Legend.
** Updates Soon ** Shell Server **
Welcome To Teh World Of Supremacy...
Ultimate Dragonball is finally arrived!! More Races, more trances, and more techs!! More Fighting Styles/Training ...
Pwiped on the 6/19/2010 A Cool Dragon Ball Z. A slow leveling PVP game with Unique Training System and lots of Updates. ...
An DBZ game with exclusive features. Master your attacks, skills, and transformation. Collect capsules and combine them ...
just a new game i made enjoy
v1.2: Game Updated, 12 races to choose from, more than 75 Techniques, a well balanced Leveling System and alot more! ...
Come play! BELIEVE IT. This game is fun.
Great dbz game
Best Rebirth Game Ever. Version 2.0
by Ttowntaylor1 | Nov 28 2006
Old School Final Cut !!!
A new release of RoC, we guarantee fair and balanced gameplay and no bugs! Come and try the beta version and give us ...
by Ryan-hemsley | Sep 27 2013
A game in develepment based on the anime Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.
A long standing Byond game, continually updated, that progresses alongside the series. Challenge the world of Ninjas, ...
by Naruhino | Dec 19 2011
Can You Become The Strongest?
by Fatevamp | Nov 14 2009

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