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Apr 24 2013, 12:17 pm
I unbanned you after I found out. Don't use stupid troll names you sick bastard.
Apr 23 2013, 10:37 pm
Y u do this bby </3
Dec 11 2011, 7:13 pm
Id like to talk to you about the base you claimed was yours?
Oct 29 2011, 9:34 pm
Anime HQ wrote:
Would you like to pixel art for us?

I have an email for those kind of requests.
Anime HQ
Oct 29 2011, 9:33 pm
Would you like to pixel art for us?

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UPD4T3's Favorite Games

by Ganite | Apr 9 2014
Will you be destroyed by the Aoi virus?
by Reformist | Oct 7 2013
Tags: anime
Enter a world full of danger and discovery as you fight to become the greatest Shinobi.
by Ganite | Nov 25 2014
Tags: action, anime, fangame
Chronicles Of Z
by IainPeregrine | Sep 19 2010
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
An immersive fantasy world designed around creative writing. Role-playing mandatory.
by Straw Hat Creations | Aug 24 2012
Get the chance to live as a pirate, or a marine, and make your dreams come true! An adventure like no other awaits you.
by Mr_Goober | Oct 3 2014
Tags: rpg
A small ORPG designed with Gameboy-styled colors.
by Ganite | May 13 2014
Tags: anime
Welcome to a remake of Berlin222's NNG! HIGH Experience Rate
by Masterralphy55 | Jun 28 2012
A true leader puts his team before himself..
by TrutH512 | May 12 2014
Continuing from where 1.96 left off.
by Berlin2222 | Jan 7 2008
Tags: anime
The original NNG, bringing you fresh content and exciting PvP action!
by BitPush | Aug 31 2013
by PopLava | Sep 16 2010
Tags: chat, utility
A place for BYOND developers to get sample code and art.
Little halloween game.
by Zete | May 11 2014
Original Turn-Based Strategy RPG

UPD4T3's Favorite Resources

by Taitz | May 24 2014
Tags: rpg, statistics, stats
A statistic library to make the handling of stats and vitals easier.