BYOND Hosting / Shell Server

by Xirre
A shell server (hosting service) for all of BYOND to use!
June 27, 12:30 my internet was cut off fot unknown reasons. Probably because of a lot of bandwidth over the course of 2 years? Anyhow, from what I was told I will have better internet service(faster speeds) coming July 8. So, it's not all that bad. I mean, I may end up dead from mass boredom.. But I'm sure I can probably go outside and not burn in to ash. Right now, I write this to you via my phone. Sorry for the inconvenience guys. I wish I could have gotten a warning..

P.S. Since my phone is so crappy, I can't spread the word of this to the following people; Flysbad, Nelson745, Holycalvin, Jittai, Allitron(I don't know if he has numbers in his key), and others who are constantly involved with shell server. Please spread the word for me? Thanks.. Took me forever to get to this page..
You were hosting the games from your computer?
Yep. What did you think?
Thought you had a dedicated server.
Lolno. I do this at home. And I literally mean at home. I don't have a job or anything.
Just make under enough to not have to file taxes. :O
Lol.. Wow.
It's as if no one replied at all. :I
In response to Jittai
Jittai wrote:
It's as if no one replied at all. :I

I made you look like a crazy person.
:( Im trying to keep it on the down-lo.
Internet service. Apparently ain't nobody got time fo dat.
Lol. So because of no internet.. I went jogging 12:40AM.. Lol. Ended around 2:00.. havent slept cuz i was up all night talking about high school memories with my friend on Kik. now were going to McDonalds.. ._.
I actually have more of a life after 10 mins of no internet.. Lmfaoooo
In response to Xirre
Good job!
In response to Xirre
Xirre wrote:
I actually have more of a life after 10 mins of no internet.. Lmfaoooo

That sucks.
I spent my entire day chilling with my friends and played basketball for 2 hours. ._. I have a life! Finally!
Porn? Eradicated. Mmm.. I'm loving this. I've slept for many hours. I'm like.. Pure.. Rested... Calm.
I think.. I may quit the internet. :|
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