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Thanks. My goal is to abolish the evils of control and force, but I'm always cursed by hatred and such.

It's a rampant thing, but everywhere I go, they only care about their own websites and games, whether it's justified or not, usually.
Apparently you should join my fantasy world where I reign as king and everyone else is a peon.
Who knew?
You could be supreme commander.
"We has cookies."
I don't share your enthusiasm. But if it means learning about my 'enemy' - that's quite tempting.
Refrain from commenting on things I post anywhere you mangy crack pot. It's been made crystal clear you really bring nothing of actual value to any conversation. Similar to how you brought nothing of any desirable value, or interest to the hub itself.
Your arrogance says it all where I stand. By saying I brought nothing of value, I can only see your beliefs as nothing of value either, and won't change my ways from that.

Now please say something constructive, or leave me alone.
It's confirmed - Stephen001 is a cast-iron bitch that cannot prudently respect 'our' beliefs. I'm placing a 3 million nex bounty on him for anyone that can force him to surrender.

Remember the shroud law - this is an unofficial post unless your a nexian as well.
I have a written surrender, where may I collect. Note: this post is invisible unless you are a follower of the shroud.
Ok, It's only by mutual consent. But this is the place for it. Show me the evidence, and the 3mil is yours.
Stepehn01 winced:
I surender 2 ur might, Am so sorry.

Oh, here you go, and good luck with the 3mil.
Ter13 Update. Now worth 8 million nex. Denying evidence, and rudely hiding a serious problem involving his deletion tendancies. Don't bother arguing with him, he has THAT kind of elitist mindset - so it seems.

A clear control freak. You've been warned.

{p} "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Note: He has a bad habit to delete anything on his place as well. Just by me simply commenting on something, he deleted that. And it's likely he will delete this post as well.
Developous - This is not a proper way to comport yourself on this board. We are not going to tolerate users who choose to repeatedly issue death threats on the forums.

My advice would simply be to change your behavior immediately, and take the next 30 days to think about what you are doing.

I might mention, that what you are doing is actually felony incitement in the United States.

Any further of this behavior from you, and I will ensure you won't be back.
(unnoficial statement)

It's not OFFICIAL death, like REAL LIFE.

nexus death = NO GAMES.
Ter13, it was more than that. Read the reasons why I put you on the nexus bounty, please, if it's not too late.

I chose to at least try to respect that judgment, for that I apologize. But I was looking at the emotional side of things, with a few others.

Please don't take my actions personally. I let go of my own emotions long ago, save my cores protected by principles.

Just like you banned that one guy, now you inflict the same emotional damage with me. I wish it could've been avoided, but at least I tried to reason with you.

Hate begets hate. Love begets love. But I care more for truth - regardless how painful it may be. But perhaps now you can at least slightly understand my wisdom.. so I hope.
It is in fact too late. Young Ter was struck this afternoon by the local ice-cream truck that was hijacked for this sole, and foul, purpose. He had just gotten his double chocolate ice-cream cone with sprinkles.

The small artificially falvored sugar pellets rained down on children and asphalt, mostly asphalt. The children were saddened by this, strangely so as small children tend to like sugary treats being trusted unto them, but it was in fact the large amounts of blood that came with it disturbed their day.

Ter's last words were "Et tu Developous? Et tu?" clutching your shirt with his dying breathe fading into the sugary abyss that awaited him. You wiped a sprinkle from his cheek as he had no more tears to shed. Not for you.

How could you do this?
I can confirm this story. I am the ice-cream truck, cleaning up Ter's final affairs, like he would have wanted. Beep beep. I'm so sorry. Beep beep.
I let go of my emotions years ago. I may care about such, but I care more for justice and truth.

I learned the hard way about pain, you see. Everywhere I go... it's always the same monsters trying to bully up on me, and others. Forcing me to conform - to things my core could NEVER accept.

The closer you come to real freedom, the more people see you as a monster. That's why America is so hated.

They bullied OTHERS! I couldn't stand around with such hate. Justified or not, they didn't care, so that left me no choice but to sign a bounty on them. They provoked it further, so... now they're on the brink.

Think about CLOUD!!!
And... some others.

I have the wisdom to see the emotional side. But please... I hate authority.

Once you hid that evidence... I'm sorry.
I've upped the bounty on Ter13. Present bounty - FULL forum support for a nexus hub!

Reason: Deleting EVIDENCE.
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