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Battle alongside your allies in an effort to defend loot from hordes of monsters!
Gold Guardians: Tales of a King has had a major update. It has also been renamed Celestial Chaos: Guardians. This newly updated state has most/all of the core mechanics completed. The only thing left to add is the map builder/sharing, and maybe some more bells and whistles on the gameplay, and of course any kind of maintenance for bugs and such. Feel free to keep providing feedback, it has been helpful in the development process.
I have also resubmitted it for listing, though not for featured status, since all of the audio is "borrowed" =P

Bleach Eternity -> Celestial Chaos: Eternity
Work is already underway to convert Bleach Eternity into an "original" game. Most of the changes are cosmetic, and saved characters should be able to seamlessly transfer over. This also means new updates for the game.
The new bases were based on a few generic period costumes: Maiden, Peasant, Samurai, and Archers.
Also, Shikais/Bankais will be replaced with full Samurai armor, boosting either Strength, Speed, or Magic/Mystic - Basically, the Shikais that are already in the game.

Work on Celestial Chaos: Neo has also been resumed (after several years).
Various changes have already been made, HUD styling, and a few new races/classes added. (butt shot!)
Neo is basically an evolved version of Celestial Chaos 2 (Bug Report!).
The game will be fully controlled from the keyboard, with no need to use the mouse - ever. Enemies will appear on the field map, interacting with them will start turn based battles. You'll be able to use field positioning to your advantage, and even apply stealth. Spells can be cast on the field, like poison, to give you an advantage when starting the battle, and also to clear secret paths and such with spells like Fire. Each character will be able to use 2 classes at a time, leveling up both of them, as well as your character's base level. You'll be able to freely switch between any classes you've unlocked, of which there will be quite a few. The game will offer a true RPG experience, following an actual story, with NPC characters to form parties with (same concepts in CC2). There will also be a heavy focus on PvP and co-op partying with dynamic side dungeons for leveling.
That's just a small bit of information about the game... But, nobody cares about that until the game is playable, so moving on =P

The next major release for Heroes United 2 will feature a Casino and a Mission Maker for Players. There may be a minor release before then, to fix some bug which is being caused by BYOND's flunky map rendering, as far as I can tell.

Paradise City has been undergoing major updates since forever ago, but never seems to make any progress, and never seems to be fun to play. Maybe the new version will be worth it... someday. In the meantime, you can play Darker Emerald's game Dead World.
For more info on new PC concepts, check here.

Tutorial #9 of my series has been posted. It covers creating an interface and macros for keyboard controls. My plan has been to release a new Tutorial every Friday, but that hasn't been going very well so far =P
Nice , :D
Likeing the transfer of the bleach game and also likeing the celestial choas:NEO.
Im glad to see a screens shot of the New PC, but sad to see that their isnt any progress being made.

CC:N Looks really good.How far is it in production?
You gunna make Silk Jelly.
Rockeyx2 wrote:
CC:N Looks really good.How far is it in production?

Not very, and I wiped a lot of the systems that did exist, to get current standards on them. The old version had a functional menu and battle system.
Well if you ever need a tester im always here =P.
Why not? The Bleach aspect of it isn't drawing in hordes of fans, and the changes to make it "original" are minimal. Which may be the reason for the lack of fans... Also, if its "original", then it will get more advertising through BYOND. Plus, it may be worth working on again.
Any reason they're all named Celestial Chaos? o_O
That's how I roll! My first BYOND game was Celestial Chaos. If they all have the same name, people will find them when searching. Plus, they make use of vaguely the same material/concepts.
Falacy, I truthfully can't help but BEG you to give meh some screenshots for everything that is making progress ;(

If I give you a cookie, will you grant me my desires?

EDIT: I CARE about all your games >:o

hey strai... i am still waiting for the CC2 source code... i have been waiting for about 4 years now... where is it? I really NEED IT!!!!!
Is it possible that this might become a weekly/biweekly post that could happen? I generally check back on your blog because you randomly started making things like IconShare, Stick War, and suck. Would love to hear things like this :D
Bleach Eternity -> Celestial Chaos: Eternity
.....saved characters should be able to seamlessly transfer over.

This, me likes. Any chance of wiping the scoreboard on the current BE? its kinda full.

I'm looking forward to the new "Bleach Eternity" and the huge DBZ HU2 Update. :D
Is the Paradise City base char staying like that? ( i mean the design not the fact that the char is naked )
I guess? Unless somebody wants to make a better one? I hate iconning, especially on BYOND. With all of its technical limitations, it pretty much guarantees crap graphics.
I think the base is good , you just need more customization with clothing.
Falacy wrote:
I guess? Unless somebody wants to make a better one? I hate iconning, especially on BYOND. With all of its technical limitations, it pretty much guarantees crap graphics.

depends on what you icon... if its items... depending on how large they are... you can get pretty detailed...
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