Hello, Roleplayers and BYONDlings alike. Today I'm here to talk to you (some more) about Hazordhu Version 6. As I discussed in my last blog post, Hazordhu will have a few big game changers in it. With pixel movement being moreso aesthetic than anything, it does require a lot of changes to get going smoothly and properly. So with that I also told you about two of our planned features to go along with the update. Today I'm going to go into more detail with what changes will happen with pixel movement, and let you know about the big content addition that will also be a part of this (mostly something to keep the other devs occupied while I work on the bigger stuff. :) )

Pixel Movement will involve changing a lot. Not simply changing a few variables for how things move, but the building system, combat system, and AI have all got to undergo some redesigning to accomodate. Thus far we've gotten everything for Animals and AI finished up, tested, and patched up. Animals now operate under a completely new structure based off a new herd mentality. Even animals that aren't part of a herd use this system, and simply skip over certain functions that are used for herd-wide communication.

The next item on the plate is to rework the building system. In the current hosted version there are two types of objects in the game (excluding mobs): Item and Built. Items are objects made by players that can be picked up (resources, weapons, tools, and the like). Built objects are structures created by the player that cannot be picked up. Whether it be a wall, a cart, or a chair.

The new stuff is the addition of a third class, and changes to the current method of building. The new class will be called simply Furniture, and will be certain Built objects that can be pushed and moved around the environment after being built. Things like chairs, tables, bookshelves (furniture!). Since these objects already exist, it's a matter of reorganizing lists and how they create. Furniture and Built objects will be created by clicking and dragging them from the crafting list onto the map, where they will snap to tiles when hovered over them, showing where they'll be built. The player will then move to that location (if necessary) and build it. Items will simply spawn directly under the player.

The third big change is to combat, which for shortness sake I won't go into much detail with. Long story short, projectiles will move faster.

As for the content additions we've got a lot of new goodies for players to play with on the way. Including siege engines, new castle structures, magics, hats, facial hair.. The list goes on. We will also be adding in some things to the environment just to make it feel a little more authentic, including absolutely pointless shrubbery and undergrowth in forested areas that you can have fun chopping away at with a sharp tool to clear away. Oh yes. The fun is only just beginning...

Yes, it may seem like a lot of work, but we have a great team working on it, and we haven't let the fans down yet. So stop in and get to know the community and the devs. At least one of us is online at almost any given time. :)

Thanks for your support over the last 5 years, and be sure to expect something for the upcoming anniversary.
is it procedurally generated? if so some towns would be cool lol

past that I only really enjoyed haz wayyy back at least a year or two ago when there was no OOC and you felt like an actual person in an RP world. Of course, then you got a boat and got lost... but it was worth it lol.

my big problems with the game at the moment are simply just user-friendliness related in terms of having a nice environment to live and roleplay in.. constant AI attacking you does not support roleplay at all lol

rock on