This is probally a easy question to answer but no matter how hard i try i can't find the option. People are downloading my tile set with out paying. I'm fine with the demo because its free but my large one took about 2 weeks of work. A little help please?
You either need to delete the zipfile if you don't want anyone to download at all, or add a subscription that allows download access. To do the latter, go to Your Hub and edit that entry. Then click "distribution" near the top. Select "subscription" under Type of Distribution, and finally "install/update from the hub" down at the bottom. That should do it.
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Thats what i did :( but you can still open the project files.
This is what i have. Doesn't work :(

Type of Distribution free
subscription ****Checked****
by channel membership
by invitation only
by donation

Subscription Pricing (in BYONDimes) One Month Subscription
Two Month Subscription
Three Month Subscription
Six Month Subscription
One Year Subscription
Two Year Subscription
Five Year Subscription
Lifetime Subscription ***1***

A "subscription" includes the following features.

install/update from hub (otherwise this is free) ***Checked***
ranking (see Dantom.Hublib)
hubfiles (see Dantom.Hublib)
BYOND Passport

****NOTE:: the things in *'s are checked****