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So after learning some coding basics I've decided to make a semi-RTS (Kinda like Mount & Blade.) game. So far I have a map with some placeholder ground textures and a player character. I want to make it multiplayer and I'm gonna have each player start at separate parts of the map alone and will have to recruit soldiers from villages with Gold (Which I already have procs and variables for, except the code needed to require the player to be near the village.), I just have to visualize things. One piece of code that I think will be probably the most difficult is making it so that when a player uses the "Recruit Soldiers" verb the soldier mobs will spawn next to them and follow them and attack other players and their troops. I have heard that AI is really hard to code so I'd like some pointers. I have a friend that is pretty good at coding in Byond so he will be providing the bulk of help that I need but I would also like some tips from you guys. Thanks in advance!
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It's great to see you have the big picture figured out during yoru design process. Kick ass!

However, when you get down to actually building the game, it's easy to become overwhelmed with to-do's and questions and issues.

I can assure you you'll bump into a ton of of problems...
  • You'll have no idea how to code half the things you want in the game.
  • Problems you solved last week start appearing again for some reason.
  • Your cat *will* drop a glass of water onto your computer, and fry your hard drive; and then you'll realize that the last backup is over a month old.
  • That library you were using for the awesome explosion animations? Yeah, it *will* interfere with the AI for your units. Or something worse.

So my advice is, don't get discouraged. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. And finally, don't be afraid to ask for help on the forums... after you've tried solving the problem by yourself, of course.

Also, watch this!
Thanks for the advice!
I need some help on one issue. I have a simple unit created that will follow you but I have two problems with it: 1, when you have too many of them they will block you from moving, 2 if I make them have no bounds then they will simply merge with the player. One thing I want to add to help with this issue is a move order. How would I go about making the soldier move to a turf when I double-click it? Also is there something I can do to help with the merging issue so you CAN just walk through them when you need to?
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Also, watch this!

wow this serie is great :O
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Holy shi--you alive.