Hello there, Dream Maker!

Even the best of BYOND wizards like ourselves will need a little help from time to time. The following is a short list of tips to help you get your answer as quickly as possible.

You wouldn't believe it from looking at it, but the Developer Help section has well over 10 years worth of archives of people's questions, and answers.

The search bar is in the top right of the page.

Guides, References and Tutorials
Sometimes we just need a bit of help working out how to do something.

For our first how-to's in programming, the DM Guide is best. It covers all the important concepts that go into making your first game.

Perhaps you have something more specific in mind? The tutorial and snippets section is a good place to go.

You can find our pick of these resources here:

It pays to be specific, we find. It's great to provide an explanation of what you expect the player to see or be able to do, especially if it's a problem with existing code. This helps your fellow Dream Makers work out what the difference is between your expectation, and what the code actually does.

Specific titles like "AI not attacking player" get more answers, and better answers than "AI wrong" also.

We hope this helps you find what you're looking for!

Getting Live Help

You can find someone to speak to about you development problem 'live', on our IRC channel!

If you're already familiar with IRC and have your own IRC client, our channel can be found on irc://