Basically, whenever I try to run the game, the place that should display the sprites is basically a mess, that does not seem to contain any space station 13 sprites.

Btw, I'm on Arch Linux, if that's relevant.

Edit:Turning off the using graphical hardware option in the "games" section reduced the problem to black boxes instead of huge parts of the character sprite and sprites in the chat still missing.

Edit2: the above solution seems to be blocked by some servers and the black boxes disappeared at some point of my character floating in space, though I didn't yet check if those would come back. The game's also pretty slow for me.
Anyway, if anybody knows to fix any of the above issues, please tell me how.
I have the exact same issue. Not sure how to fix it, but I'll post here if I find anything.
What GPU+drivers are you using? I'm running a GTX 1080 with the official nvidia drivers (nvidia, nvidia-libgl)
This is not SS13-specific.

Things I've tried that didn't work:

winetricks dxsdk_jun2010 (suggested by MrStonedOne)
lib32-openal (because dxsdk won't install without it)
lib32-mpg123 (because wine prints errors without it)
Downgrading to BYOND 511.1360
Downgrading to BYOND 510.1347

Hardware rendering just displays garbage instead of rendering the game. This isn't SS13-specific, it applies even to the most basic projects; for example, the following, when given a turf.png and a mob.png, displays the same issues.
/turf/icon = 'turf.png'
/mob/icon = 'mob.png'
maxx = 32
maxy = 32
view = 5
Five months have passed since the last post in this thread. So, do you still have that problem?
Hacks + Glitch
The client isn't really supported under linux though, just the server.
In response to Optimumtact
Przemko27 wrote:
Five months have passed since the last post in this thread. So, do you still have that problem?

Yes, I do. What GPU/drivers are you using?

Optimumtact wrote:
The client isn't really supported under linux though, just the server.

The client used to run OK for me under Wine, until I got my new machine; now it doesn't.

It probably still works on my laptop; I'm wondering now whether it'd work on my laptop with optirun... hm.

Edit: It apparently doesn't work any more on my laptop regardless of whether I use optirun or not. This could be a software version issue - likely something in Wine rather than GPU/driver-side, since my laptop without optirun is using the Intel integrated GPU rather than the dedicated nVidia chip.
Interestingly this has now fixed itself - perhaps a Wine update?

Either way, the issue I have is now that the map is scaled up using a linear filter rather than the desired nearest-neighbour. This does not occur in software mode, only hardware mode.
Here is my solution to this problem. Simply, it is a complete reinstall of your latest wine winetricks and BYOND.

Remove BYOND Client and it's folders, remove all data from BYOND.

Go into your terminal and enter pacman -R wine winetricks gecko [all other wine dependencies]
hit enter.

Delete your wine prefix location

Reinstall WINE and Winetricks and gecko ... [Whatever else needs to be installed by dependency]

Make your WINE prefix 32bit and choose its location.

Since you are using Arch linux you will not get any fonts from windows sadly. Copy fonts from the win10 preview via a VM to alleviate this pain in the ass.

Using winetricks install wsh56 wsh57 jscript vcrun2013 mfc42
Separately, install ie7, THEN ie8

Install BYOND by WINE, but don't load the game yet!!!

Go into your BYOND folder in the WINE prefix
~/.byond_client/drive_c/Program Files/BYOND/directx
And install directx by running the exe in WINE.

Doing all of this on your Arch Linux system should guarantee a happily running wine environment.