The title says it all. Three months wasted because I lost my USB. All three game sources gone. Stupid me for also getting my backup deleted (through formatting my computer AGAIN. GDMFCS VIRUSES). Anyways, I am now working on my TBS (Time Based strategy) game.

Medieval Warfare (name pending)
-Takes place around the medieval era of humanity
-Buildings build over time (IE. T30 mins)
-You can substitute an AI for your playing
---choose from multiple AI types (Military, Economic, Expansion e.c.t.)
-Game plays while you don't (NPC villages expanding)
-Lagless game doesn't require massive amounts of n.p.c.s, AI's have low requirements
-Customizable units
---Base units like peasant/sword/mase
---Customize units to your liking using preset types
---Units can be stronger/weaker depending on what you use
-----IE longsword with cross hilt vs shortsword with straight hilt
-------Longsword costs more and takes longer to make, more attack because of the blade (with slightly less defense), more defense because of the hilt
--------Shortsword is inexpensive and takes shorter time to train, can carry more because of reduced weight, and can move faster
-Custom interface designed for simplicity
-Good quality map graphics, just to improve the look
---Yeh I know I said text based, but it is mostly reading and if you want you can change it to text without having problems

% Done, About 5. Finishing the skin currently and moving on to the building system afterward.

"This is gonna be EPIC! WOOT WOOT!"