Hit a snag with pokemon... waiting for my friend to get back from vacation to help me out, and I'm having internet troubles at home. So, I started up my M.W. game again. And guess what? I made a TON of progress. I have now put up a hub and everything. So now I am looking for beta testers to play the game, which will begin its beta in aprox. 2 weeks from now if I actually work diligently on it.

If you want to be a beta tester, post here in this format:

KEY to use
When Avaliable

I will be accepting the first 20 testers to play the game.

Currently doing EXTREME calculations. For example, here is one of them:


Try and figure that one out without a calculator! That is the an example of the time in seconds it takes to upgrade ONE of the buildings. Dont worry, the beta tests will have a world speed in the hundreds, so the action will start within a few minutes of joining! I am still implamenting the calculations, and I have quite a few to do depending on what it is (all buildings/unit stuctures/resource calculation over time need to use these, so there are ALOT of them...)