Event Apr 20 2012, 12:37 pm ID:686243
Tomorrow on http://www.byond.com/games/Aceraptor/PokemonPS I will be hosting the Tournament of Champions. Tomorrow night I will be hosting the Tournament of Champions tournament. This tournament will determine which player will be named the champion of the game. All battles consist of 3 on 3 matches until the quarter finals, semi finals and the finals which all consist of 5 on 5 matches. The rules for the tournament are

-Need at least 4 badges
-At least 5 pokemon
-Allowed 1 potion(any type) per match
-No pokemon that are too OP'd
-Level cap is 100
-Not allowed to leave the arena more then 3 times

Please post on this if you plan on participate in the tournament and the pokemon you are using. Please come check out the tournament and the game. Tournament sign up link is http://pokemonphantomreborn.proboards.com/ index.cgi?board=game&action=display&thread=23&page=1