While I will continue to occasionally post on this blog about BYOND related stuff, my main blog is now at Every week on my new blog I plan to do a "Week in Review" post about my opinion on world news in addition to how my week went. Alongside that I'll post once here every weekend to link you to my favorite blog entries from that week along with short descriptions.

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Dear Week's Growth Beard
Well, here we are again. Our relationships always end like this. It seems like it was only 5 days ago that everything in the world was right… I didn’t have to wake up and shave, and you made me feel laid back and carefree.

It wasn’t very long after that before we started having problems again. We’re both to blame: you started chafing my neck, and I wasn’t taking you out in public anymore... (Read more)

The problem I have with Twitter
A few days ago I begrudgingly started using my twitter account in order to help promote the new site… and I’ve found that actually bringing myself to post a tweet is a struggle.

My problem is not that I have a lack of interesting thoughts or experiences to tweet about throughout the day – the issue is that I can’t picture anyone else actually giving a damn about them. Why? Because of my own perspective on other people’s tweets: (Read more)
My Neckbeard lives once more after getting rid of it in december. It's a love-hate relationship...
Eh, I have a goatee, so yeah..