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I wrote this post for the writers forum I've joined, but some of you who follow this blog may be interested in what I've been up to, even if every success there is a nail in the coffin of my game development career.

I'm nowhere near a finish product, but I've reached some milestones I feel proud of, and this seems the place to share them.

1st: Does anyone else work with clipboards? They're great at keeping a project organized, and I've got one clipboard for each major project I'm involved in (whether that be something creative, or something as mundane and technical as taxes). I try to keep only three clipboards active at a time, so that I won't get swamped. In early February I was able to clear off a programming project, and now I've got an entire clipboard dedicated to a writing project. May sound weird to you, but that's a meaningful accomplishment to me.

2nd: In a place without any room for anything, I managed to clear a small dedicated place for writing. That I have a dedicated place for /anything/ is a small miracle - see "clipboards" above.

3nd: I'm the sort of person who works from an outline. No matter what I do, I need to have the entire project, with a schedule, planned out in advance. These last two weeks I've been working on an outline to my first serious writing project, a short story. That outline is now finished, and sits proudly at the top of its clipboard.

4th: Having the outline finished, I decided to clean the mess that had piled up over the past month. To my great surprise, I found that most of the loose clutter in my living space is now writing related. I guess that's a good thing because it means that I'm working on [procrastinating about] writing more than [procrastinating about] any other project. It also means that I need to get much more organized with my notes.

These are obviously very minor "Goals and Accomplishments", but I feel like I've crossed the threshold from "I'll write a novel someday, before I die" to "clueless amateur writer".

Now for the second part of this post: What kind of writing habits are helpful to you? I've never met anyone else who uses clip-boards like I do, so maybe that suggestion can help some of you. The stereo typical organizational aid for writers seems to be sticky-notes, which in the movies are shown plastered over every flat surface in a writer's apartment. Maybe I should take up that habit; at least then my floor would be clear enough to walk on.

Feel free to answer the question at the end of that paragraph. Most organizational techniques should work regardless of whether you write code or prose (or whatever).

Here's a completely unrelated question for you to answer, too. What does the word "Redemption" mean to you? Answer with a literal definition (as long as it's your personal definition; I can open a dictionary just fine, and that's not the point), how the word makes you feel, what connotations it has for you, or whatever. I've been using the word to describe a specific idea in narrative writing (like 'climax', 'resolution', or 'character development'), and I want to see if my use of the word jives with how other people feel about it; if it doesn't, I'll have to find a more fitting term. After the comments dry up, I'll post a description of how I'm using it.
Well, I generally write from point A to Point Z whichever part comes to my mind next I write it. I get through several chapters on a good day and barely a few pages on a bad day. No need for sticky notes as anything I see can somehow fit into the story. I've written people getting killed with a Shovel through the heart after I saw a zombie being killed by a similar situation. Sadly no organization skills work for me, they make writing a chore rather than fun for me.

My definition of Redemption is the sacrifice of your happiness to make up for making someone else unhappy. Kind of an odd description but it works for me.
Personally, Redmption means: "To take personal vengance upon someone else because of some sort of wrong-doing"
Personally, Redemption means: "A prayer on Runescape"
Hmm, I personally like creating a Word or Powerpoint (I prefer powerpoint oddly enough due to greater control over organization) using drawing tools to create circle diagrams with text boxes inside. Main ideas in center circle with branches. I.E. Main circle could be Plot (small summary) with branches being subplots ETC. Also it cuts down on paper usage and if you take these with you on a flash drive you can pop into a library or something to write if you have an idea while walking down the street. The other possibility is whiteboards. Watch an episode of Big Bang Theory they have white boards everywhere.

Redemption for me is the feeling of intense relief after having corrected a mistake in my life.
The clipboard tactic is neat. I use OneNote which is like sticky notes x 25.

OneNote is the only Microsoft product that I stand by as being a terrific bit of software. I've got 6 years worth of projects, notes, ideas, and tasks just a click away. I highly recommend it for game developers and I beleive it would work well for writers.

The sticky notes concept is really about keeping potentially good ideas in constant view. It also acts as a visual memory map which can help you trigger earlier ideas and passions which I think is key. I don't think OneNote can fill that gap at least not they way I've been using it.

This gave me an idea. I wonder if making a map/collage while writing a story would be helpful way to continuously motivate and inspire. Perhaps this idea would be better for me because my brain maps more by image than anything else.

I don't mean a storyboard but a giant place to stick your ideas. You would pretty much fill it up with sketches, sticky notes, and images from the internet.

I picture the timeline wrapping the room and being as dense in various spots as it needs to be. Standing in the middle of the room and being able to take in your entire story seems like a really powerful and emotional tool to me. I visualize it like an asteroid belt wrapping around the room.

Just an idea. Although, this comes from a person who fills every bit of white space on their wall's with artwork, articles, traffic tickets, and etc. :)

Anyway, I'm glad your sharing with us. I've always wanted to write a book (just one). I've got a few half-baked story ideas so I'm excited to "know" a writer who is willing to share ideas and experiences.

I look forward to the next update.

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