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Episode 2 of our new official NEStalgia Podcast is now available. The response to the last podcast was really great, so it looks like we're going to try and do this as a weekly thing. The plan is to release a new episode every Wednesday, and we'll also work on making it available through more official channels such as iTunes etc.

This week's podcast features a new segment - a Q&A session with a guest NEStalgia player. PuppetShowJustice was this week's guest, and his questions were based upon community submissions. It was great to have him on the show, and we look forward to future Q&A sessions with other community members!

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube:

Or download/listen to the mp3 version here: NEStalgiaPodcastEp2.mp3

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I enjoyed this one alot. It would be neat to have a black T-shirt with the NEStalgia logo, I would totally buy one
Nice job, this answered a lot of questions.
You should create an item that lets me convert exp into gold.
Is the podcast open to the community? Or is it only something a few individuals are engaged in? Would be awesome if players also had a podcast of some sort just for the heck of it.
I can make NEStalgia products for fun in my graphics class. Last year I made a NEStalgia Mousepad for fun... of course I'm not selling them to other people.
Boats and airships = Incentive to play NEStalgia again
Boats and hos.
I was playing Nestalgia while watching this. Ironic.