I was planning to slowly randomize the game's layout. Earlier, pre-hiatus, I made it so ores/minerals were randomly placed in the world and other little things like that.

Earlier this week I started working on randomizing more things. I told my self I'd start with rivers, the tree placement. This would allow me to slowly take Stranded to 100% randomized islands on start up.

Well, I finished rivers.

They start at the "source" and flow towards the a nearby ocean tile. Building things on rivers redirects the river and blocks flow destroying the old route.

I personally liked the 'edge' icons oceans, sand, and other turfs had in-game - instead of blocky transition from one to the other- so naturally I thought a good step towards a nice looking 100%-randomized map was to code a way for turfs to keep that look. Which works nicely too.

Feeling a sense of urgency to make the most of my "gee that was easier than I expected" streak I said screw slight transition.

Enjoy a preview of randomized land masses.

Settings which can be adjusted:
Number of islands.
Scarcity of things.

Landmasses sum equal to roughly 25% of the world map and only form within a 150 tile border. Ensuring the islands being centered and keeping a nice realistic 75% water ratio. This also means having less islands means bigger ones and vice-versa. I'll be starting the formation of grass and dirt now.

Download the Stranded Map Generation Demo here!


Note: each pixel on the example maps are 1 tile.
Will there still be those whirlpools that teleport you around the map? Cause I like those....
Yes. They however won't be permanent. They'll temporarily appear and then disappear. I might also make it take time and if you're in transit when it disappears it leaves you in the ocean.
Reworked the "stringy-ness" of the process and uploaded a demo!