Poll: AMD vs. Intel

AMD 42% (6)
Intel 57% (8)

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Oh snap. For most people, going to college would stop them from having time to program. But for me, it gives me more... (wait between classes)! So I've got some stuff planned out to release on this end of the year.

-New Computer
-AMD vs. Intel
-Halloween Terror 3
-Hidden RPG
-Latest Anime Pick
-Latest Game Pick

New Computer! Huzzah!
Gettin' me a new computer finally! Right now I have a Toshiba with an Intel Celeron (Ew... Intel right) Single Core 2.2ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 160GB of hard drive space. Nothing much really special about it. Now I'm finally upgrading... TO THIS BABEH RIGHT HUR!

For those too lazy to click the link
Acer Aspire laptop, AMD Phenom II Dual Core, 3.0ghz, 4GB of RAM DDR3, 320 GB Hard Drive.

I picked this because it's a pretty good price for what it has to offer. Can't wait to get it. :)

AMD vs. Intel
Which do you like more?! I prefer AMD. Seems to me they give you more for less. Their processors are generally cheaper than Intel's. What do you think?

Osnp... this again? Yup. Another rumor? Nope. With all this spare time in my hands, and a source that needed a full recoding, I did it. I've successfully recoded the entire system. Added a lot more things into it, changed the combat system, remapping things because of changing to TOPDOWN_LAYER. (Pain in the rear end if I may add). The hub can be located here, here, here, here, not here, but here as well.

Halloween Terror 3!
In 2009, around Halloween, a friend and I (correct grammar there) made a small game called Halloween Terror. In 2010, around Halloween again, I teamed with Ripperman5 to make the sequel to it... Halloween Terror 2. Now it's 2011, and guess what... click this.

Hidden RPG
All I can say is... it's an RPG. It's hidden right now. But it's bein' done.

Recently I've been pushing myself to create a unique system every single day. Something that deals with coding I'm not that good with, but end up getting the job done. So soon I will be releasing these demos either to the Resource Center or on BYOND...

Latest Anime Pick
Hooked on a series called Nabari No Ou. Pretty cool series. Kinda like a knock off of Naruto, but it's not like "extended". It's got a cool storyline, and it's a lot less childish. There's one character called Yoite who can point at people and kill them by sending bits of his life force into them and making it explode. The downside is it costs some of his life. Pretty interesting...

Latest Game Pick
Guilty Gear: Overture for Xbox 360. Pretty sweet game. A different gameplay than I have ever done so I'm quite digging it. I eventually get tired of the same old FPS games as well as all the other genres that are just becoming... eh. FPS games were fun for a while, but the gameplay is just too repetitive, I only play them for the storylines anymore, if at all. But yes, this strategy/action game is quite a good one for mah gaming soul.

So yeah... how many nuns could a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck nuns?
+yea for NFV and Nabari no Ou.
Yeaa for NFV.

Yea for NFV and Halloween Terror 3