Thank you all for taking part in this little CSS competition, Thankfully after a while someone got it, the Winner was ArcticBlast He did in a relativly quick time to!.

His Color scheme and style is not the same as mine, but i did say that it could be different.

Here is the Precious little piece of Code which was used to separate the add comment box from the blog comments.


display:block !important;

  • We use the Display block with !important to override the Byond code and make it stay on the screen at all times.

  • And then we use the position absolute to anchor it to a position on the page.

  • Then the box is moved downwards, simple as that.

  • After that comes the styling and re sizes etc which was less important, but is what makes it look good.

  • You can then use:
    #blog_comments_box .comment_edit_box textarea {}

    To re size and position the actual add comment text input area.

Anyway Congratulations ArcticBlast!
Now what did you want $30 or memberships extention?

30$ 30$ 30$ Oh sorry, i needed 30$ but im not artic!!!!
Slayde wrote:
Ziddy, the beggar of BYOND.

Indeed reminds me of Addmelol.
Anyway i have put page back to how it should be.

This is the Person who requested the comment box like that and got me to think about this competition lol :)
Well, leave it to teka to keep inventing new things to put in css.
Congratz ArticBlast enjoy that money ;) or the membership.
Where's Arctic Blast to claim his prize?!
Shit, I could've used another 30$. i so b@d @ CSS
Me too Update. I needed at least 2$
i could take the runner up prize ;o... i was closest beside Arctic! xD. Anyway Grats artic :P
...I thought we had to do it for THIS comment box :|. Add Comment and the comments below.

This is what I did earlier and it didn't work... on my part. I was puzzled for no reason.
I'm pretty sure I had the block !important bit at one point but it didn't work.
anyways i don't need prize but if you want you can give me one :)