So I'm not exactly still sick, but I am still coughing, especially at night. Boy has that been fun! That's had a small impact on this week's development thanks to sheer exhaustion, and so has another annoying non-development issue that wasted a lot of time.

But in spite of those setbacks, bug fixes went ahead and thankfully I was able to put the lid on several issues, including the SS13 hang I had hoped was fixed last week. Also it turns out the last fix to plane master transforms broke something else, so that had to be revisited and now the fix has been fixed. Version 512.1404 is out today, so get it while it's hot!

I really, really need to get back to webclient work and that's on the horizon shortly. A few web items are also near concerns, so I'd like to get to those as soon as possible as well.

So that's the gist of this week. Keeping it short and sweet again, and hopefully next week I can finally be rid of the last congestion. Football conference championships are on Sunday. Since the Jaguars beat my beloved Buffalo Bills in their first playoff appearance in 18 years, they must be punished; however they're playing against the Patriots, so be sure to root against both teams.
Will the webclient development involve skin compatibility?
I had the cough for quite a while. It seemed to help when I stopped using my bed and slept in a recliner.