Operating System: Windows 7
Website Browser and Build Number: Firefox. Byond 493.1117.
URL/Link to problem page(s): N/A

Problem Description: When I try to download libraries, Firefox attempts to open them directly in a BYOND program. Maybe it's just me doing it wrong, but this is kind of annoying.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1. Open Firefox.
2. Open any download page for a library from the resources page.
3. Attempt to download.
4. A box will pop querying you on which program to open the file in.

The thing is, no matter which selection you choose, none of them show up anywhere. Any ideas, or am I just being stupid?
Try a different browser, I know its a pain, Chrome or just Internet Explorer if you only use it for downloading libraries.

The file type is just not set correctly I don't use firefox so I can't tell you much about it sorry.

A fresh install of BYOND may help.