I finally passed the .NET Applications mock core exam.

Next tests to go: ASP.NET, XML Web Services, Solution Architectures, and .NET Security.

One thing I hate about these tests is that they're 100% story problems that are hard to follow, and they have lots of problems that make you pick the best solution out of many working solutions.

I can't wait to get my MCSD. Once I get it, all my hard work the past year will be all worth it.
An XML Web Service exam? That must be buzzword galore.
Haha, the worst part is when they refer to a program as a Microsoft Windows (TM) Application. I swear to god, every time they use that phrase I lose my train of thought.
:( I really hate those fancy terms for really simple things. Sometimes it makes me want to go back and time and stop it from ever happening.
Don't(TM) you(TM) hate(TM) it(TM) when(TM) they(TM) plaster(TM) those(TM) irritating(TM) symbols(TM) everywhere(R)?

I(TM) know(TM) I(TM) do(TM).