lol i just wanted to post this,made my day XD!

yay for icon 'glowyness' adds a pretty nice effect =D :3 ive official start hollows now that shinigami is completed with 4 releases shikai and bankais
im finally done with Shinigamis =D
Looks awesome, message me on msn whenever testing is needed =]
lol will do
Its so sexy sexy sexy oh right sexy sexy sexy no right thought you always be mine.
May I rape it?
look awesome
Idk what it is but looks cool =P
Your just making pixel art, but is there any programming work happening?
why would you ask that? looks at the games hub, -.-
*Loughs out loud* Nubz theese dayz :p
DAMM IT ! so cool Zane I`m not gay but I LOVE YOU !!!! Keep working on Hollow oh and do something with bountos
LOL! No Offence Zane, some of ur fans are... weird :p
and how would that offend me lol
Idk :p im just being retarded :p
that one of the arrancar ability

Hmmm You like ulq dont ya ??? Btw will you work some on this guy He is only epic >=]