You can tell it was Ramadan, I had only 1 blog post last month. Oh well. I've updated Wargames as you've probably noticed, and hosting now back to regular 1 week games after two 2 week games.

This version is polishing some of the updates of last time, as well as one or two fundamental changes:

Combat has had some balancing, as it was quite high last round in some cases. This has been lowered and we'll have to see how it goes this time round. Especially given that now att and def values of units are also counted, and one of the main reasons for last round's denomination of those values. A WW2 Light tank for example, will favour better vs a WW1 Light tank.

Units in general are split up better, both in the Unit buy panel (where there is 7 groups now: Animals, Artillery and bombs have their own sections) and in the Ministry of War, which I've altered so is less work on my end.

The command panel has been altered for this change too, the sub-panel which was used to split economic buildings from military buildings, and the 4 unit groups previously has extended to the other panel too, Ministries have had their icons updated to larger buttons in a separate section. Research too should be seeing a similar change soon.

Units should be buyable by notes now if you have the notes but not the petty cash, and will take it out immediately. The Ministry of War will also display timers for how long you have to wait to bomb or nuke.

Finally, the major change: Joining or creating alliances causes you to unpun, to ensure more land for everyone else. Have fun.

* Fix: Attempted fix at why space research medals don't register.
* Fix: Minor graphical bug where 2 medals wouldn't appear correctly in Medal Ministry in-game after receiving them.
* Change: Further altered kill ratios in relation to last updates rebalancing, so its not quite so high.
* Change: Made kill ratios related to att and def values, so a modern era unit of one type will be better off than say a WW2 unit of the same type.
* Change: Rearranged Unit panel interface to break up the units further, as they are in the new battle system.
* Change: Rearranged Other panel interface to break up ministries from other options.
* Change: Rearranged Ministry of War to show units in more groups, as well as being 'automatic' to cut down on code at my end.
- Currently shows all religious units and ALL available units regardless of era. Will probably change this in future version. Seeing other region units is intentional.
* New/Change: Major change; Joining and starting alliances will now cause unpun (after a warning so you can cancel).
- It makes sense that if your joining a group, providing it resources and strength in numbers, that you should be able to be attacked.
* New: It is now possible to buy units by million notes, it will check if you don't have enough money, and take it straight out.
* New: Hosts can now use announcement.
* New: Ministry of War now shows you the amount of time it takes to wait for a nuclear/conventional attack.
So when can I expect Joshtan to be finished?
Who knows :(