"Forgive your enemies, But never forget their names" - John F. Kennedy

Another Update about the Inventory/Combining System for Feed! with 3 images and description

Picture Above: Secondary Weapon Slot for Melee weapons. Baseball Bat and Box Of Nails have been added

Picture Above: Baseball Bat and Box Of Nails have been combined to make Spiked Baseball Bat.

Picture Above: Spiked Baseball Bat is Equipped in Secondary Weapon Slot, Also showing the attack state for the Weapon: Spiked Baseball Bat

Zombies Going to get splatted by a Nail or TWO!

Very nice.
You guys really should mention what game this is for.

This css has similar affects to Kummorii's and his name is in your keywords too!

Zombies! hmm is this... Zombies by Kumorii! and yourself?!

@Yut Put: i did not rip the art from Zombies!.
Kumorii started a new title called "Feed" using the same art as Zombies! Kumorii asked me if i wanted to be part of the project. so this is why your see many Post's about Feed! and Kumorii
@Teka123 I do mention the name of the game alot. it's called Feed! using the same art as Zombies!

Kumorii, UPD4T3, Me - are currently working on Feed!