Probably the hardass of the forum moderators, digitalmouse is one of my most respected.

One thing our mouse does not tolerate is "roughage".

So all you back seat moderators, finger pointers, babblers, spammers and geniune assholes better watch out!

In the words of the legendary digitalised mouse himself,

Thanks for playing!

Thread closed.
9/10 posts I make are deleted by digitalmouse. I feel honoured.
That's 'cause you're a Roughian. :D
Hahaha, unlikely. =) I'm no chav-like ruffian. ;)
No. You're a chav-like "roughian". ;)

Even though I lived in England for my first 13 years, I had never heard the term chav my whole time there.
Interesting. It's a semi-new word. Hm.
Haha! I almost used "roughage" in a post, but decided against it because of this very reason! (The forum search only shows digitalmouse)
I think he needs better things to do with his time......
Better things than keeping the forums clean and whatnot? I'll let him spend all the time he wants on that. If you have a problem with that, deal [served]
wow- didn't think i would show up that often for 'roughage'... you should try looking up things like 'spelling nazi' too .