winset(src, "inputgrid", "cells=["1,0"]")
winset(src, "outputgrid", "cells=["1,0"]")
winset(src, "inputgrid", "current-cell=["1,0"]")
winset(src, "outputgrid", "current-cell=["1,0"]")

Problem description:
When I hit the reset button the cells in the grid are deleted but the it ignores the changes to the current cell. Am I missing something?
It's been almost 24 hours and no response. I've been trying multiple things to get it to work but it just won't...
As far as I know, "1,0" has no special meaning. 1,1 is the smallest size a grid is visible at. I prefer the x over the comma, and those brackets and quotes you have there seem really redundant.

In response to Chowder
Oh, I had no idea. I was just using them because I thought I had to surround it with quotes. Apparently not. Thanks!