Hello everyone. I'm creating a real life Pokemon league. I will be needing 8 gym leaders, 4 elite four and 1 pokemon league champion. I will be using Pokemon Black and White/Black 2 and White 2 games for this league. If interested please contact me. Once all gym spots are taken we will be accepting challenges. You only need 3 pokemon of any type you want no legends allowed though. For elite 4 you need 5 pokemon of a specific type. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

1st gl(Fire)-Da frogg
2nd gl(Steel)-Dr.DraX
3rd gl()-Open
4th gl(Obblybobbly)-Ghost
5th gl()-Open
6th gl()-Open
7th gl(Psychic)-Devoin
8th gl()-Open

First E4()-Open
Second E4()-Open
Third E4()-Open
Fourth E4()-Open

Hello there this is Rex and I would like to join this
what pokemon type? You will be the first gl.
So anything else i need to know?
Post your friend code
oh wait forget everything i have posted i dont have my white 2
wish i did have it i really want to be a gym leader on a pokemon game
No worries
7th Gym Leader (Psychic)
put me back in gl 1 fire thought it wus only white 2 and black 2 did not see black and white part i have white but nowhere near to beating the game yet
here is my friend code for people 3483 3739 6701
Hi,i would like to be 4th Gym Leader as Ghost.
I will give you my friend code when I get my DS.
4 more gym spots to be taken we should help Aceraptor out with this
my friend would like to join as a el4 dragon type user plz
oh his name is Zach