Hi folks, it's been awhile since I've posted on this board. I was wondering how to get a game from the "Unpublished Games" section into the...published games section. How can I publish one of my games? I set it from beta to polished (because it is) but I know there's more to it - just don't know what. Thanks.

Hey Dagolar. Umm.....Have someone from that channel review it I think. That's what I've heard.
Go to the distribution section of the games info stuff, and select the channel to submit it to (BYOND.BoardCardDice, etc.). Submit. Then, you'll note that under the "Submitted to BYOND.whatever" text, you'll notice there are now several radio buttons. Click the one that says "Submit game for review" (or something along those lines", and submit again. The channel reviewer will eventually check whether it fits the channel guidelines. If it does, it's accepted. Otherwise it gets rejected, possibly with an email explaining why.