I initially made and published this wrapper on /r/SS13 for Mac users there, but LummoxJR asked me to post it here. Some of the readme information is specific to Space Station 13.

Comment if you experience any problems, but I can't guarantee an answer. This thing runs on magic and duct tape.

All information about using the application, enabling hardware mode, etc. can be found in "README.txt"

The wrapper can be downloaded here: 0BwDczV6NWJJBQjJjWXVySU9KVWM/view?usp=sharing

Wine Version: 1.9.15
BYOND Version: 511.1359

Note: Anything I have up for download here has only been tested on my personal computer, which uses OS X 10.11.6, on various SS13 servers. I don't know how it will work on other OS X versions or BYOND games.
I have a mac myself, and downloaded your wrapper.
However, the first problem I came across was that your winery was damaged, meaning I can't do anything.